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There are various events through out the week which we attend these arn't mandatory but some members attend i will post a list of events we do and if you want to go just type in guild chat 10 minutes before event starts to see whos going.

Dragon Temple - 3am (GMT)
Most people attend this for PvP it's all under water, the objective is to kill mobs in a party around chests then dig the chest to recieve random items, you can recieve dragon temple orders which you can exchange for beach fashion. Again most people attend this for PvP so expect charm rape.

You enter this through Khatru Pup in every starter town and several in Archosaur.

Tournament Thursday 3am (GMT). Currently been removed.
This is a full PvP tournament there are several level brackets 50 - 60 / 60-70 / 70-80 / 80-90. You spawn in a room where you have to dig a chest to proceed to the next room in these rooms you are spawned randomly with other people who have joined the tournament if these members arn't in GLG or you don't have a mutual agreement kill them or you will be killed. After you die you get kicked out of the Tournament and put outside safe zone. (So if your red name bring atleast 1 doll)

You enter this through Tournament Agent in every starter town and in Archosaur (West Tele).

Territory War Friday - Saturday - Sunday 3am (GMT)
Every week we will bid on a territory for the moment we can only proceed to take the lower left option of the map. A few things you need to have for TW a must when the wars start getting hard.

-Repair all your gear before you enter.
-Make sure you have ammo/nesecarry weapon (Archers)
-Bring apothercary pots to ensure your maximum PvP
-HP charms for EVERYONE.
-MP charms are VERY recommended especially for Arcane classes, but are not a must, if you don't have one make sure you have pots.
-Event HP pots (9 tokens for 50) they heal 5000 over 30 seconds these are super recommended.
-VENTRILO IS MANDATORY FOR ALL PvP wars make sure you have it downloaded.
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